Power Unlimited: The Movie

A Documentary On Powerlifting Created By Powerlifters

Power Unlimited is a groundbreaking documentary on the sport of powerlifting. This move has been a long time coming. It will the history of this excellent sports via historical footage and with interviews from many pioneers on the sports. These include Kirk Karwoski, Lee Moran, Ed Coan, and many other legendary powerlifters and athletes.

Along with showing the history of powerlifting, the movie will show the world the potential future of the sport which is through the eyes of novice powerlifters, coaches and international lifters. The movie looks at the sport from the unique perspectives of many new stars such as Scot Mendelson, Priscilla Ribic and Scott Cartwright. For many decades, powerlifting and powerlifters alike have been in obscurity but now everyone will see just why it is the most powerful sport.

Hopefully, this documentary will instill some fire in those thinking of starting in powerlifting and even just weightlifting. So for the beginners…

What Is Powerlifting?

Competitive powerlifting means competing with Big Three Lifts (deadlift, bench, and squat). But it is not considered good to call yourself a powerlifter if only you train in them. There are”raw” (only wearing a T-shirt and shorts) and “equipped” types, the latter allowing elbow and knee wrap, alongside strength suits that provide a substantial level of help.

Its a sport about pure power! While it may involve some carryover to building muscle or bodybuilding, powerlifting’s most important focus is one-rep power in the three lifts. That means a lot of low-rep exercises, keeping an eye on your figure (there are weight categories) while also focusing on the very technical points of the compound heavy lifts.

What Weightlifting Equipment Do You Need?

Well, if you are lifting “raw”, you won’t need anything apart from some suitable clothing for lifting in. If you are training at home a good quality Olympic barbell weight set is recommended. Get the biggest weight set that you can afford and have room for so that you are not limiting yourself in the future. If you are lifting equipped, there’s quite a few things that you can use. I recommend:

  • Weightlifting Gloves – These are the gloves that you wear while lifting weights. Most fitness experts think that gloves provide you a much better grasp on weight loss bars. As you workout in the fitness center, your palms may begin to get sweaty. There are a whole lot of advantages of weight lifting gloves and there are many accessories that may make your workout more enjoyable and really safer. Gloves are one of them. They’ll provide you support where required and allow you to move beyond your limit.
  • Weightlifting Shoes – Weightlifting shoes have existed for quite a very long time, utilized by aggressive Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters. To assist in the lifting of heavy weights. The most important advantages of weightlifting shoes is improved mechanical angles in the base of a squat position. Together with that, the density, weight, and flatness of this shoe helps with balance equilibrium, which makes you feel locked in and cemented into the floor.
  • Weightlifting Belt – Belts are typically made from thick leather, are approximately four to six inches in width, and also have a metal buckle to keep them stable around the midsection.