Power Unlimited: The Movie

A Documentary On Powerlifting Created By Powerlifters

Power Unlimited is a groundbreaking documentary on the sport of powerlifting. This move has been a long time coming. It will the history of this excellent sports via historical footage and with interviews from many pioneers on the sports. These include Kirk Karwoski, Lee Moran, Ed Coan and many other legendary powerlifters and athletes.

Along with showing the history of powerlifting, the movie will show the world the potential future of the sport which is through the eyes of novice powerlifters, coaches and international lifters. The movie looks at the sports from the unique perspectives of many new stars such as Scot Mendelson, Priscilla Ribic and Scott Cartwright. The many decades, powerlifting and powerlifters alike have been in obscurity but now everyone will see just why it is the most powerful sport.